University College London Research Excellence Scholarship in the UK for 2023/2024

International students are eligible for the Research Excellence Scholarship. All subjects taught at University College London are eligible for PhD-level study under this fellowship. The scholarship must be applied for by January 13, 2023.

UCL’s Research Excellence Scholarship (UCL-RES) is a new, prestigious scholarship program designed to draw exceptional students to UCL for Ph.D. research. They are giving 40 UCL Research Excellence Scholarships (RES) to deserving candidates from any nation. Applicants may be both prospective and existing UCL doctoral students.

Available Topics

These are the subjects that are eligible for study through this scholarship program.

Every Subject

Research Excellence Scholarship – Benefits:
The UCL-Research Excellence Scholarship includes complete tuition (for either domestic or international study) as well as an annual maintenance stipend that rises in line with inflation. The rate for full-time study in 2022–2023 is £19,668 (rates for part-time students are determined “pro rata”).

The fellowship additionally covers additional research expenses of up to £1,200 annually for the program’s declared term.

Awards are given for the typical length of the study program. Subject to making acceptable academic progress, this usually takes 3 years for a full-time MPhil/Ph.D./EngD degree program (or 5 years for part-time study). Observe that CRS and writing up the year are not covered by the money (s).

The scholarship will be extended to the last year of study in cases where students are enrolled in integrated four-year Ph.D. programs. The beginning of the academic year is the funding start date. This will occur on September 25, 2023, for 2023–2024.

Applying for the UCL-Research Excellence Scholarship entails:

enroll in a university abroad.
have applied for admission to, or be enrolled in, a UCL eligible** full- or part-time degree program before the deadline for the scholarship;
possess, or be expected to get, at least an upper second-class honors UK undergraduate degree or an equivalent qualification.
If chosen, to get an award, you must:

possess admission to an offer from UCL for a full-time or part-time research degree program, or be enrolled in one at the time of the request.
If you are a current student, you may apply; however, if you are beginning your third year of research, funding will typically only be considered in rare circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE This fellowship is not available for distance learning, non-resident PhDs, or professional doctorates (DClinPsy, DDent, DEdPsy (Brain Sciences), DOrth, and DPsychotherapy). EngDs are eligible to apply because they are not regarded as professional doctorates here.

How to Apply for UCL-Research Excellence Scholarship
The procedures below must be taken to apply for a UCL-Research Excellence Scholarship:

Apply for admission to UCL in step one.

Current students who are already enrolled in their research degrees can go straight to Step 2 after reading the guidelines below.

By the time provided, you must submit a full application for admission to a degree program that is eligible. You must have filed your admission application to be eligible to apply for the scholarship, even if you have not yet received a place offer from UCL.

Step 2: Submit your department with the necessary scholarship application materials.

Both present and prospective students should adhere to the instructions listed below.

The following documents must be submitted to your academic department, institute, division, or unit for them to consider you for a UCL-RES. To find out where to send your application documents, please visit our page with a list of administrative contacts. Please check directly with the administrative staff in your departmental office for information on where to submit your application papers if the appropriate contact for your department is not provided.

These are the required documents:

Cover sheet for research scholarships (download the cover sheet for research scholarships) (Word)
Research Scholarships Cover Sheet (Word) *It is advised to use Firefox or Internet Explorer.
CV – Please make sure your CV is current and includes a list of any publications, honors, awards, and scholarships, both past, and present.
A Word or PDF document with a plain-language overview of your study proposal (max. 200 words). Please keep in mind that the members of the selection panel are not likely to be experts in your field while preparing your research proposal or outline. In plain language that academics from all disciplines can understand, please spell out the purpose of your study, the approach you’ll take, and any potential implications for your field of study. You must read this summary carefully and use the clearest language possible because it could have a big impact on how well your application turns out. You should write the proposal, not your supervisor or any other academic department staff member.
Academic transcripts: Please make sure that each one you submit contains information on the grade range and grading scale applicable to that degree.
References Two
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Submission Deadline
January 13, 2023

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