Fully-Funded Clarendon Oxford Scholarships for Ph.D. and Master Students in the UK for 2023/2024

All academic areas are eligible for Clarendon Oxford Scholarships, as are all applicants who apply for a new Master’s or DPhil program before the pertinent December or January admissions deadline.

Worth of Clarendon Oxford Scholarships
Clarendon Oxford Scholarships fully subsidize tuition costs. Students with fee status from home and abroad are affected by this.

The minimum Research Council doctorate stipend rate, which is often enough to cover the living expenses of a single student living in Oxford, will be provided to scholars enrolled in full-time courses as an annual grant for living expenses. You should anticipate receiving at least £17,668 in 2023–2024.

Eligibility for Clarendon Oxford Scholarships

Either citizenship or primary residence

There are no limitations based on nationality or place of usual residence.

Scholars at Clarendon come from all over the world, including the USA, Australia, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Norway.

Amount of study

As long as you submitted your application before the pertinent January deadline for your course, you are eligible for any full-time DPhil and Master’s program. On the courses page, you can find a list of all the graduate programs the University of Oxford offers.

Please visit our dedicated page for information for part-time applicants.

Area of Study

Without regard to the subject matter, Clarendon supports academics from across the University.

Other Standards
The program is open to those who want to begin a new DPhil or Master’s program at Oxford. This covers students who are enrolled in an Oxford Master’s program but plan to reapply for a DPhil or enroll in a second Master’s program.

Current students or Deferred Offers

A postponed graduation offer disqualifies applicants from consideration for this grant.

This grant is not available to current students who want to pursue the same degree at Oxford in the upcoming academic year.

The University’s main consideration for choosing Clarendon scholars is to select the top students in the world, as judged by authorities in each student’s subject.

Each meets in February or March to consider the departmental scholarship nominations, however, the procedure differs between the University’s academic divisions and the Department for Continuing Education.
The highest-ranking departmental nominees within the division are shortlisted for Clarendon after the academic divisions evaluate the nominations based on their academic merit and prospects.
The Clarendon Fund Administrator will get in touch with successful candidates after the shortlist is confirmed and deliver the scholarship offer letter (also known as a “CB1”) to them.
If you are given (and accept) a Clarendon scholarship, your financial situation is now certain as long as you abide by the terms of your acceptance to Oxford.
Clarendon Partnership Awards are given to academics over April, May, and occasionally into June, depending on the award specifications. Holders of the Clarendon offers are not needed to provide any more details.
Each scholar will get a funding breakdown letter (also known as a “CB2”) describing the financing arrangements after their specific funding package has been confirmed. Along with collaboration rewards, final college placements will also be made official.
The email will be used to get in touch with the selected Clarendon candidates. By the end of April of each year, the majority of offers are made.
Since there are so many qualified candidates, unsuccessful students won’t be notified. Please presume that you have not been given a Clarendon scholarship if you have not heard from us by the middle of June.
If nominated students withdraw, a few late nominations may occur over the summer.
Quick Clarendon Information
If you submit your application by the applicable date in December or January, depending on your program, you will be automatically evaluated for Clarendon. There is no need for you to submit a different application.
Clarendon provides grants for living expenses during the term of fee responsibility in addition to fully funded scholarships covering course fees.
Nationality, usual residence, or field of study are unrestricted. All DPhil and Master’s programs, both full-time and part-time, are acceptable.
Clarendon scholars are chosen based on their exceptional academic ability and promise.
Scholarships at Clarendon are quite competitive.
How to Apply
To be considered for a Clarendon scholarship, submit your application by the applicable deadline in December or January, depending on your course
The academics involved in your proposed field of study will take into account your application to your course. They will evaluate your application’s suitability and academic standing.
Your graduate placement will ultimately be decided by the department, which will inform you of its decision. For further information, see the decision timetable.
Academics in your department will concurrently choose candidates to recommend to the division for a Clarendon scholarship based on the criteria.
Official Website: Click HERE.

The complete duration of fee responsibility is typically covered through Clarendon scholarships. You are responsible for paying the University’s course costs during this time. This is fully explained on the fee liability page, along with information on costs that could be levied following this time frame is known as continuation charges that are not covered by the Clarendon Fund.

The academic division may, at its discretion, decide to extend your scholarship to cover an extended period of study when it is recognized that the course will take more time. Only living expenditures and not any other continuation charges are covered by the extension period. If a financing extension is offered, scholars will be informed in their offer letter.

Graduate Admissions Deadline
A Clarendon scholarship will be immediately considered for you if you apply for graduate studies. There are no separate Clarendon scholarship application forms or other documentation that are required. To be taken into consideration, your application must be submitted before the applicable December or January admissions date. The course pages contain information about deadlines. APPLY HERE

January 2023 (depending on the course)

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