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Visitor Visa Interview Questions! Some of the questions which you will be asked in…

Visitor Visa Interview Questions!
Some of the questions which you will be asked in the B-2 Visa Interview are: What is the purpose of your trip?; How do you plan on financing your trip to the U.S.?; Where are you going to stay during your trip?; Have you been to the U.S. before? And What guarantee is there that you will return home before your visa expires?

How do I apply for the DS-160 form?
The DS-160 Form is an online non-immigrant visa application form, specifically for temporary travel to the U.S. and also for Fiancé Visas. This form is submitted online via the Internet and, together with a personal interview, consular officers decide whether the applicant is eligible for a non-immigrant visa.
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Why would I be refused entry to the U.S.?
There are many reasons why you would be refused entry in the U.S., but the most common reason is not having all the required documents. Other reasons include having expired documents, overstaying a prior visa and in really rare cases criminal background problems.
Why has The U.S. become the ideal destinations for tourists?
The United States has become an ideal destination for tourists because it thrives on tourism. The tourism industry is booming not only because Americans love having people visit their country, but also because there are so many things tourists can do that anyone can find their place there! Starting with exciting big cities to small towns, incredible museums, lively festival, breathtaking landscapes and more.

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