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Get a discount off your tuition and fees as a Canadian student at Liberty University.

Applying to schools can seem like a daunting task, especially when you don’t know how you’ll be able to afford it. Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian university with over 200 undergraduate degree programs, wants to give you the best education for the most affordable price.

To help ease your stress, Liberty is excited to announce the continuation of the very popular ‘Canadian Discount’ for the 2022-23 school year.

What is the Canadian discount?

Canadian residential students enjoy a 30% discount off tuition and a 20% discount on housing, student meal plans, and activity fees. Liberty wants to help you get the best education without breaking your bank.

Try this currency converter, and check out this breakdown of your potential school costs with the Canadian discount included:

Base Cost (USD) Per Semester (before discount)Semester Cost (USD) (with discount)Annual Cost (USD) (with discount)
Tuition (12-18 credit hours) (30% discount)$11,900$8,330$16,660
Tier 3 Housing (20% discount)$3,670$2,936$5,872
Standard Meal Plan (20% discount)$2,195$1,756$3,512
Activity Fee (20% discount)$385$308$616

Additional discounts and awards

These discounts combined with the fact that Liberty has held tuition rates on our world-class campus unchanged for the fourth year in a row makes Liberty a tremendously affordable option for Canadian students considering studying in the States. But there is even more!

All undergraduate students studying residentially will receive the Liberty Champion award, valued at $8,000 over four years and increasing annually. Canadians who qualify can also combine all these discounts and awards with Academic Scholarships and Book Dollars.

Check out these scholarships that you could be eligible for:

Scholarship NameScholarship Details
Champion AwardReceive up to $8,000 USD divided amongst your four years.
New Student Book DollarsIf you complete your Financial Check-In before August 12, 2022, you could earn up to $600 USD for one semester only. The earlier you complete the Financial Check-In, the greater the award amount.
Early Deposit AwardPay your $250 enrollment deposit by the deadline and have up to $2,000 USD awarded toward the first year of enrollment (amount varies depending on the time of year).

Although your education can feel like a financial challenge, it is an investment in your future. Remember, you don’t have to pay full sticker price for your education. At Liberty, you have access to scholarships, special discounts, and other forms of financial aid to help lessen your costs.

For more information, please check out the Canadian Student Admissions webpage or email

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