Website Design Tips

 Website Design Tips


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Website Design Tips

When first starting to create your website, especially if you are a novice You can create your own website using a editor like Microsoft’s Front Page. With this software, you can write your webpage like you would any document it allowed you t o drag and drop images easily. Some practice may be required, by buying some templates, you can cerate a qualified website for free or by using some of the free templates found on the Internet. Mainly in order for you to successfully present your ideas you have to create an effective layout design in an attractive way whatever your topic may be.



Application of graphic designs

Easy and quick navigation


Choosing color

Layout format 

this will supply as your guide for a good design. Primarily this context must cover a clear and well organized content that will make everyone understand and be pleased about. A simple design, layout makes it easier for you to build you’re a unique website. The end result will be a website which your visitors will find easy to navigate and easy get all information they want.

Application of graphic designs 

you must  be cautious in choosing for the suitable design that will best represent your website.

Easy and quick navigation 

Always see to it that you are able to include a link that will bring them back to the main page(home page). Create a navigation formation that is common for all the pages in your Website.Keep the use of hyperlinks within your text paragraphs to a minimum. Don’t make use of hyperlinks inside text paragraphs to send your visitors to every random page of your Web. If you must use hyperlinks, u can add them to the bottom of a paragraph or to the navigation menus of your website. A key aspect to making your visitors happy is make insure they go where they need to go, quickly and efficiently. Good navigation design comes from understanding, and should be one of the most important aspects of your website design.


Create a simple logo base on your website to identity your website. Have attractive tag line somewhere with the header, and write an About Us page which describes the uniqueness of your website. These will leave an impress your visitors to remember your website.

Choosing color

Have a clear color plan based on the theme of your website. Choose carefully types of colors you use for your background, text, border, tables and cells etc. The color plan expresses the characters of your website and makes it unique and attractive.

One of the most important aspect you need to know is at all times when choosing a website design firm or designing the website yourself. It is very significant to remember that most of your visitors haven’t spoken to you yet and your site will be the first impression they have of your company. If your website design lack professionalism or does not reflect that of a well established company, your new prospect can easily loose confidence.

Try and avoid run of the  things like page counters, javatext scrolling, flashing images, GIF images, signs which say “we are not ready.” Or, too many illustrations or animations, black grounds or fade ins.

2. make a design which coveys in a stylish way that Instead of using downloaded illustrations use original ones. 

3. Avoid things like heavy files or graphics. These will slow down your pages. GIF is better than JPEG files. 

4. Think of the target audience (visitors) and subject being addressed when designing. The in general effect should be that of uniqueness

Use CSS (cascading attraction sheets). 

CSS (cascading attraction sheets) allows you to maintenance the formatting of your website e.g. the color or size of a blonde of texts on a disparate at difference page a CSS document. Therefore, with CSS you can impinge the formatting of a common-element by simply updating one part of code on one page, wet out updating all the pages of your site. For example, if you want to change the back-ground color or font size or type of your website, you can just change your one CSS code and all your whole website’s background color would change. Another great feature of CSS is that you can make use of it to set the default properties of HTML tags. This can be used to counter browser compatibility problem – that different browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, chrome etc. use different default settings.

Test your website in all browsers.

 Just now your website displays normally in one browser, doesn’t means it commit an perform that disposal in also browser. You should test your website displays properly in all of the primary following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Netscape, and Opera.

Use produces inception software and freeware,

if you need to plunge into a energizing website Even if you undergo powerful languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and CGI absolutely enough to direct your receive software and features, you should not do that if you are a beginner. There’s no reason to create your own self-motivated scripts e.g. shopping carts, ATM scripts chat-rooms, etc., if you can find full-functioning customizable freeware. A great benefit of this method is that the customization options will separate the code that changes your website’s look and the functioning code. If you design the code yourself, you’ll be tempted to mix the look and feel with the functioning aspect. So, if later you want to update the look and feel, you will have to excavate through the long software scripts. If you’re going to be using freeware or any other code that you did not design by yourself, you should still be familiar with that language.

free or tasteless web-hosting

 Don’t approval for free or tasteless web hosting. this is not necessarily a start tip. However, hosting is twin to design. Free hosts may give out your website with awkward ads. So, you won’t be adequate to task your region, you did not have full control of your website free and cheap hosts often don’t support dynamic websites. Unless you’re website is supposed to be a joke non business, don’t use a free host.

Don’t compose your email superscription

Don’t create your email superscription on your website. If you have a phone put up with or mailing directions that your customers can betterment to discharge you or your business make public that on your website. Website with a phone embrace or mailing directions appears much more reliable and honest than websites without contact information. However, don’t publish your email address, because spammers can use web-crawlers will to pick it up. Instead, design contact us page on your website that patrons can use to send messages or questions not including giving your email address.


Take it slow. Unfortunately, the own removal to alter to an brilliant designer is considering knowledge, but your vim can’t render sloppy pages. Don’t go to creating confused and dynamic websites without the ability. If you try to design a code, but find it firm and the code begins to come out sloppy, don’t hesitate to just throw it out. It’s better to have a simple, sleek, and functional website, than to have a compound, sloppy, dysfunctional website.

When first starting out to create a website, especially if you are a novice You can create your own website using a editor like Microsoft’s Front Page. With this software, you can write down your webpage page like you would in any document it allowed you t o drag and drop images easily. Some apply may be required, by buying some templates, you can create a qualified website for free or by using some of the free templates create on the Internet. generally in order for you to successfully present your ideas you have


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