How to Build a Home Page the Right Way

How to Build a Home Page the Right Way

A home page is mainly the main page of a website which is the first thing that an internet browser first sees once he/she visited your site. This is part of a web page though in this case since it is called as “homepage” stands for the first page or the home of the site that features clickable links, art work and graphics displayed on the computer screen through web browsers. 

In building a website, it is important that you have basic knowledge of programming or html coding; Check out this post… “HTML for beginner 2022 “.although this idea has now become obsolete with the appearance of new types of website builder tools that allowed the user – even if he or she does not have a single knowledge with regards to programming and web designing – to create visually pleasing, fast loading and professional looking websites in an instant. For both the seasoned graphic contents and newbie web designer, these web building tools that can be search online provides added ease and efficiency in making their websites. Thins to Remember When Building your HomePage Elegance and over-all appeara that the page speed and graphic.

nce counts. If you want to get encouraging feedbacks and responses from your site visitors, then keep in mind the following pointers when you build home page.
1) Use animations and graphic effects in your website especially on the home page where this is commonly seen as carefully as possible and only when necessary.
This factor can be attributed to the fact that web visitor can tend to be impatient and loose interest once they discover that your website takes much too long to load. The purpose for this can be found on the excessive use of graphic effects and animations on websites which, sometimes requires advanced bandwidth to be load faster well what if your visitor read: Potential Customer has a slow connection? Definitely, you can say “good-bye” to possible sales and traffic for your website. Also, compatibility of your website with regards to the different web browsers must also be checked meanwhile, some websites cannot be viewed on some web browsers. 
2) u can Use only the most needed features and applications for your home page – but this advice is also applicable for the rest of your web pages since functionality is the main keyword here.
You try browsing some websites on the internet. What do you see? basically you will come across websites with homepage designs varying from the pure text and colored images down to interactive graphics made possible with Flash effects and other multimedia applications. But most of the website they all have one same thing in common: the scroll bar found on the side or sometimes on below the screen area. 
This scroll bar is one of the features necessary for creating a home page, in this case the home page. It allows the user to learn more links as he or she continues to browse the website; while for the site owner, allows him to place more links farther below on the lower part of the page where they are available. With vertical scrolling, it is relatively easier to operate go aroundt the page thus facilitating ease and fast execution of operation; while vertical scrolling on the other hand, is a big no because, instead of allowed the user to see everything that your homepage has to offer, he/ she would need to scroll to the right or down in order to see the rest of your content and graphics. 
Besides, using both is impractical also; just try to imagine where your homrpage will land in terms of functionality and good responsed once you do this.
3) Make sure that all links are visible and can be easily found by the site visitor when you build home page.
Some sites make it a practice to put the links on either the left or side panel or are top of the website call menu bar so the user can easily find what he/she is looking for. While others would rather incorporate the links as part of the content e.g yes, that is one usefulness of content – and you thought they are nothing but mere decorations huh. They are all good choices actually; you can take whichever fits the way you want to build your site was as long as you are sure that the links can be easily found and is fully functional. 

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