html text formatting 2022

html text formatting 2022 

Html Text Formatting

Html Text Formatting HTML tags are used to create elements, HTML also provides in-text constructing and formation tags to apply specific text-related styles to portions of text Formatting elements were designed to display special types of text This topic will focus on text formation includes examples of HTML text formatting such as highlighting, bolding, underlining, subscript, and stricken text. how to create high quality website

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Html Text Formatting. 1

Html Highlighting. 1

Paragraph element <p>. 3

Single line brake<br />. 5

<mark>. 5

Html Bold, Italic, and Underline. 5


Html Highlighting.

The heading tag <h> HTML includes deference levels of headings, which are ranked according to importance of contents. It is not suggested that you use headings just to style the text big or bold, because search engines use headings to index the web page structure and content u may also like website design guidelines and tips

These are






 and <h6>.






<tltle>heading tag </title>



<h1> this is heading one <h1>

<h2> this is heading two <h2>

<h3> this is heading three <h3>

<h4> this is heading four <h4>

<h5> this is heading five <h5>

<h6> this is heading six <h6>




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Single line brake Use the <br /> tag to add a single line of text without starting a new paragraph:

To create a horizontal line, use the <hr> tag.

commenr The browser does not display comments, but they help document the HTML and add descriptions, reminders, and other notes.

The <mark> element is new in HTML5 and is used to mark or highlight text in a document “due to its relevance in

Paragraph element <p>

This a paragraph tag <p> this is where u write your contents to create a paragraph, simply type in the <p> element with its opening and closing tags, Browsers add an empty line before and after a paragraph.





<title> paragraph tag </title>


<p> this is a paragraph.</p>

<p> this is another paragraph. Where u will where u will write all your content that you want to display</p>




Single line brake<br />

Single line brake Use the <br /> tag to add a single line of text without starting a new paragraph <p> this is a paragraph<br /> this is a single line brake<p>

create a horizontal line, use the <hr> tag


The most common example would be in the results of a search were the user has entered a search results are shown highlighting the favorite request, or where your where you want to focus on

<p>this a paragraph Here is some content from an article that contains the <mark>searched result </mark>that we are looking for. Highlighting the text will make it easier for the user to search out what they’re trying to find.</p>


A common commonplace data format is black text on a yellow background, however this will be modified with CSS.

Html Bold, Italic, and Underline

Bold Text

To bold text, use the <strong> or <b> tags:

<strong>this a bold text</strong>


<b>this s a bold text</b>

What’s the difference? Semantics.

<strong> is used to show  indicate that the text is basically or semantically important to the nearby text, while <b> indicates no such importance and simply represents text that should be bolded. If you were to use <b> a text-to-speech program would not say the word(s) any differently than any of the other words around it – you are simply drawing attention to them without adding any additional importance. By using <strong>, though, the same program would want to speak those word(s) with a different tone of voice to carry that the text is important in some way. check things website newbie should know to save money

Italic Text

To italicize text, use the <em> or <i> tags:

<em>Italicized Text Here</em> or <i>Italicized Text Here</i>

What’s the difference? Semantics.

<em> is used to specify that the text should have extra emphasis that should be stressed, although <i> simply signifies text which should be set off from the normal text around it.

For example, if you required to stress the action within a sentence, ne may do thus by emphasizing it in italics by using <em> “Dr. Alex did read that novel?” But if you were categorizing a book or newspaper that you would normally italicize stylistically, you would just use <i>: I was forced to read the great king of japan in high school.

Underlined Text

While the <u> element itself was deprecated in HTMl 4, it was reintroduced with alternate semantic meaning in HTML 5 to represent an unarticulated, non-textual annotation. I recommend You to use such a rendering to indicate misspelled text on the page, or for a Chinese proper name mark.

<p>This paragraph contains some <u>mispelled</u> text.</p>


To mark some expression as an abbreviation, use <abbr> tag:

<p>I like to write <abbr title=” world health organization “>WHO</abbr>!</p>

If present, the title attribute is used to present the full explanation of such abbreviation.

Inserted, Deleted, or Stricken

To mark text as inserted, use the <ins> tag:

<ins>this is a New Text</ins>

To mark text as deleted, use the <del> tag:

<del>this is a Deleted Text</del>

To strike through text, use the <s> tag:

<s> this is a Struck-through text here</s>

Superscript and Subscript

To offset text either upward or downward you can use the tags <sup> and <sub>.

To create superscript:

<sup> this is a superscript here</sup>

To create subscript:

<sub>this is a subscript here</sub>

Example and output




<title> html text formation</title>



<h1> this is heading html text formation </h1>

<p>this is an normal text </p>

<p><b> this is a bold text</b></p>

<p><bold>this is a big text </bold></p>

<p><i>  this is a italic </i></p>

<p><small>this is small text </small></p>

<p><strong> this is a strong text </strong></p>

<p><sub>this is a subscripted text </sub></p>

<p><sup>this this is a supscrpted text </sup></p>

<p><i> this a insert text</i></p>

<p><del>this is a deleted text </del></p>

<p> this <mark> am mark</mark>text</p>

<p>this a paragraph Here is some content from an article that contains the <mark>searched result

</mark>that we are looking for. Highlighting the text will make it easier for the user to search out what they’re trying to find.</p>



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